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Interviewer: I always see a spark of humanity in him. He’s not just this Supervillain. There is something about Loki that is really charming.

Why I will always find Tom’s version of Loki more captivating then the comic or any other version. Don’t insult me by telling me I don’t know those versions and that Tom’s isn’t the ‘real’ Loki. I could also say that the comic version isn’t at all like the actual mythological version either— so that argument always becomes moot for me. 

If I am going to bother watching a movie I what in depth characters and Tom manages to create and portray such a in depth look into the motivations, mentality and emotional state of the so called villain that he makes him a deeper character then the actual title characters. You don’t find that often in the bady which deserves so much applause. 

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let’s change the line to ‘to the bed’

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Jennifer & Colin benig the cutest thing to ever happen at San Diego Comic Con, 26 July 2014.

It’s always fun when the actors  ship their own characters together

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Why Spike kicks Angel’s (no personality what so ever) ass

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SNL 27x14 - Ian McKellen as Maggie Smith

I can’t decide if I find this scary or hilarious

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you can try to do it all you want but it will never be the same as how eric does it

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